The harsh beeping of the ship environmental warning greeted me as I regained consciousness. The canopy infront of me webbed with cracks clearly the cause of the warning. Fortunately the impact left my flight suit helmet intact, so I was in no immediate danger.

Glancing around I could see that the cockpit had performed as designed, acting as an escape pod when my ship suffered catastrophic failure in the storms above.

Releasing my harness, I pulled the canopy release. It fell to the side and slid away on the wet rock.

Clambering carefully out of what remains of my ship, I move around and pop the survival gear from its storage.

Thunder rolled as I setup the drag sled and loaded the rest of the equipment on it.

The clouds opened up pouring rain down on me as I began to trek down the slope looking for a good place to rig the shelter.

7 thoughts on “Weather”

      1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I’ve got to get my Z post scheduled later today – it ended up being very surprising, and sparking a 10K binge that will be two new fan fiction chapters, with more simmering, so I’m happy. =)

        1. cool. I got my Z post written and scheduled since I will be unavailable most of tomorrow.

          Do you write and post any fanfic besides the Enterprise story you have going on your blog?

  1. This is the 3rd post of yours that I’ve read, so I can say with confidence that you flow like alliteration flows. Excellent!

    Does this post *I hope?* have a sequel?

    1. Not yet!
      But it does exist in the same general story world as a few others I wrote for the A-Z this year.

      I do intend to write more, just taking a bit of a break after the rush of April.

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