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Discothèque Discourse

Few weeks back for the Speakeasy challenge I wrote a short piece Discothèque. As I promised in the conversation in the comments I’m going to talk about the piece, what I was thinking and how other folks interpreted it. Sorry for the delay, starting right after the initial post my life got really busy for a few weeks.

Feel free to read the piece if you haven’t yet and join in the conversation there or on this one.
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Cosplay Cavalcade

Back in mid-March the family and I got the chance to head down to my home town of Kansas City to attend Planet Comicon. We had a blast meeting the stars (more on that in a later post), listening to panels and just seeing everything we could see.

As you would expect there were tons of folks wondering around in costume. Everything was represented from sci-fi to fantasy, kids shows to stuff for those a bit older.

The quality ran from decent, to WOW that is amazing. Here are just a few of the costumes we saw.

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