Falling: Speakeasy #166

He taught me how to read people’s eyes.

As he stood there on the cliff, ignoring the efforts of the park ranger to talk him away from the edge, our eyes met and I saw it.

No despair. No insanity. Just confidence. Calmness.

With a smirk and a wink, he threw himself off the cliff.

He fell for a few endless seconds, arms spread, before the wind caught in his flying suit and he swooped across the front of the waterfall.

Gliding around, all too briefly, he soon opened a parachute and drifted off to disappear down river.

Image is Yosemite Waterfall by Airwolfhound on flickr.

34 thoughts on “Falling: Speakeasy #166”

  1. I like the twist here… the set up to think of suicide only to find out it’s adventure that’s sought. (Though it must be exhilarating, I prefer my feet on the ground!)

    1. Thanks.

      I personally have a strong fear of heights, I’ve managed to learn to work around it but it can be an issue at times.

  2. Agree – well done. I, too, thought it was suicide at first, but glad it turned into something else. Though I’d be pretty mad at him/her if I was the park ranger!

    Small, small nit:

    >>With a smirk and a wink, *the* he threw himself off the cliff.

    Either cut ‘the’ or change to ‘then’. (Sorry, it’s the editor in me.)

  3. Love the unexpected! I’ve seen videos of people in those flying suits jumping off cliffs. Pretty courageous! I like that the narrator could tell from his eyes that he was out for some fun.

  4. Although you sent us in one direction, I liked the way you set your readers up to the secret. It was very engaging and formed a connection to the character, so it was easy to imagine the high 🙂

  5. Nice go! I love how I was on pins and needles as he jumped and then after a bit pulled the parachute cord! 🙂 (I hope you don’t mind but I think you’va a typo : “Gliding around, all to briefly”)

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