Laith @ WorkHusband. Father. Computer Programmer. Sci-Fi Geek. Avid Reader. Amateur Radio Operator.

That’s about it.

16 thoughts on “About”

  1. I saw a post over at Nathan Lowell’s fan forum where you had a .png of a Manchester Tanker, but the link is broken….any chance you still have the pic? I am working on some Blender models and looking for as many “share” resources as I can get my hands on…thanks!

      1. I used this one for a while or something like it. If I remember right, I think it has a lot of flexibility for personalization. Plus, the white is super white. Makes the site pop.

    1. Thanks! I liked you NaNo tip post! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts, and taking a look at your archives when I have time (not much time this month with NaNo 😉

  2. Hi Laith! Happy December to you soon.

    Since you have professed to be a Sci-Fi Geek, SoundEagle wonders if you could kindly list your favourite Sci-Fi movies, soundtracks, games and books, as some of your readers and followers might be curious to know.

    1. Thanks SoundEagle! Those are some good ideas for posts, I’ll have to use some of them in the months ahead as I get try to get back to regular blogging again.

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