Speakeasy #152: Discothèque

I move swiftly through the dancing throng, my hips matching the beat of the music blaring from the speakers.

I pass by several young beauties, they are not my goal.

It would be so easy. Simply ply them with a few drinks, slip out the back…

ah… there… that one…

I dance across the floor. My lips quirk in amusement as the song changes to a classic by the Bee Gees, so ironic.

I slide onto an empty stool, “Hello.”

I’m trying something a bit different this week. My goal here is to leave a number of details implied rather than written and see what the reader gets out from it. (As per the discussion below I’ve now added a followup post to talk about my thoughts behind the story)

23 thoughts on “Speakeasy #152: Discothèque”

  1. Ah,a psych who loves a challenge?Knowing my wicked mind,I am naturally rooting for this piece to be a “killer” too 😀 Good one:-)

  2. Interesting choice, and an intriguing tale. The character feels sinister, that much is clear. I like how it’s up to the reader to decide just exactly what he plans to do 🙂 Nice use of the prompts.

    1. Thanks, I’m finding the reader interpretations to be very interesting. I think I may write a post for the moonshine grid to discuss what I was thinking, the hints I dropped about my thoughts and what you great folks thought was up.

      1. Good idea. One of the things I find so fascinating is the interpretations of others on our work. Nobody sees the same thing, and that’s what makes writing so much fun. You took that a step further and were purposely ambiguous. Great fun 🙂

  3. I thought serial killer too, but that may have something to do with “staying alive.” Oh, maybe he’s a vampire and needs to pick his next victim so he can stay alive? I like this game! 🙂

  4. Wow, I can’t believe you conveyed this totally creepy character vibe in so few words. While I don’t know his intentions, the cues point to something unpleasant (if there’s irony to the song, Stayin Alive, then somebody is likely to die 🙂 )

  5. My favorite. Just such a different angle. I’m so impressed with the story you told in so few words. I am going to have to try this idea sometime…I’m quite intrigued. Great job!

  6. Now this is a huge cliffy!! Left me wanting to know more about this man- we can guess at his intention but what’s his motive? Who is he exactly? Does he select his victims randomly…. or based on certain criteria? I’m eager to know!

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