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Several times through the year you can look to the sky and know you will see a shooting star. As I write this our world is currently passing through the trail of comet Thatcher and experienceing the Lyrid meteor shower.

Today is the peak of this year’s show, you can expect 10 – 20 meteors per hour; however bursts of up to 100 could happen.

Have you ever taken time to look up and watch a meteor shower? They can be amazing.

M: A-Z Challenge

Folks Can’t Stop Singing “Let It Go”

Back shortly before the Oscars I put up a post about “Frozen” and the hit song “Let it Go”. In “Why The Academy Shouldn’t “Let it Go”” I discussed “Frozen” and the many covers of it that had sprung up.

Since that time there have been many more, my girls have watched the film many, many more times. And in what I believe is an unprecedented situation “Let it Go” has been responsible for several records being set. Thanks to the Oscar win, the composer has joined the elite ranks of holders of the EGOT. Robert Lopez now olds an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award, being the 12th to achieve this honor. He has also set a new record for reaching EGOT status in the shortest time; he won his first award, a Tony, let than 10 years ago.

“Let it Go” has spent a surprising amount of time in the Top 100 (along with its Top 10 Oscar competitor “Happy”). The biggest news is that it’s rise to the Top 10 makes Idina Menzel the first person in history to have both a Top 10 and a Tony Award for acting.

I’ll let you go with a very impressive cover of the song that came to my attention recently. Brian Hull cover the song with very good impressions of Disney and Pixar characters. Check it out.

L: A-Z Challenge


Just What Happened

Ok, so April got off to a fairly good start overall. While I didn’t exactly keep up with the every day schedule things were sticking close to plan.

However with the beginning of the month came the start of soccer season, a wave of illness through the entire family; and finally the onset of spring (I hope). Unfortunately, Spring brings with it changes in air pressure and seasonal allergens… which combine to leave me fighting to stay functional until I get used to it.

Anyway, I’m back in the saddle. I’m going to try to play catch up with two A-Z posts per day. One thing I have learned is if I’m going to take on a daily posting challenge, just like with NaNoWriMo it is a good idea to have stuff planned out ahead.

J: A-Z ChallengeThe feature image is Keyboard Macro by Matt.


Discothèque Discourse

Few weeks back for the Speakeasy challenge I wrote a short piece Discothèque. As I promised in the conversation in the comments I’m going to talk about the piece, what I was thinking and how other folks interpreted it. Sorry for the delay, starting right after the initial post my life got really busy for a few weeks.

Feel free to read the piece if you haven’t yet and join in the conversation there or on this one.
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Cosplay Cavalcade

Back in mid-March the family and I got the chance to head down to my home town of Kansas City to attend Planet Comicon. We had a blast meeting the stars (more on that in a later post), listening to panels and just seeing everything we could see.

As you would expect there were tons of folks wondering around in costume. Everything was represented from sci-fi to fantasy, kids shows to stuff for those a bit older.

The quality ran from decent, to WOW that is amazing. Here are just a few of the costumes we saw.

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Why The Academy Shouldn’t “Let It Go”

With the Oscars coming up this weekend I thought it would be good time to spread the love a bit for one of the nominees.

With nominations for Best Original Song – “Let it Go” and Best Animated Feature, “Frozen” should do well.

As one would expect from a Disney/Pixar film, “Frozen” has turned out to be amazingly popular. With incredible animation, a great story, terrific acting and the songs… Oh the songs.

Between all three girls and Sal singing the tunes, I’m a bit inundated. But the music is just so good I can’t say I mind. Given the success of the initial theatrical release, Disney really hit it out of the park from a marketing standpoint with the “Sing along” release.

Yes we went, and yes we sang. It was a great time.

Our youngest wants to sing along with Olaf singing “In Summer”, Anna with “Do you want to build a snowman” and of course Elsa and “Let it Go” on the drive every morning.

“Let it Go” has resulted in numerous cover versions cropping up around the net, here are two of the best I’ve seen so far.

Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir

Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”) Vivaldi’s Winter – ThePianoGuys

Time: Entertainment has a list of a number of other good ones, if you know of another good one please mention it in the comments so others can enjoy.

The image for this post is my own, featuring Sal’s sheet music for “Frozen”. Ironically it arrived during last week’s blizzard.


Uncovered Covers: Tainted Love

One benefit of living in a highly musical household is I regularly get to hear cool new performances of old favorites. From time to time when I hear a really good cover I end up doing a bit of digging into the origins of the song. From this I got the idea for an occasional feature post that I’m going to call Uncovered Covers.

Recently Sally picked up the album “With a Twist” by the excellent a cappella group Straight No Chaser, one of the tracks is a great cover of “Tainted Love”. We were telling the girls that the original version was popular when we were much younger, so I pulled out the tablet and hit the net. Continue reading