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Orbital Decay: YeahWrite #281

She didn’t have the luxury of time. Releasing her safety harness, she glanced at the readouts one more time before pushing off. Grabbing the back of her flight seat she flipped herself over. Shoving hard against the cabin roof, she shot towards the engineering access.

Floating along the tunnel, she slowed her travel by grasping rungs in the ladder along the side. Reaching the engineering space, her wrist-com began beeping with a warning of her ship’s decaying orbit. Continue reading Orbital Decay: YeahWrite #281


Youth is wasted

I drifted awake, a fog in my mind as I tried to recall what happened last night.

There was drinking… I think… someone warning me about not going into the other sector.

I can’t recall.

I don’t feel hungover, why can’t I remember.

The lights suddenly turn on and I close my eyes against the glare. Continue reading Youth is wasted


The harsh beeping of the ship environmental warning greeted me as I regained consciousness. The canopy infront of me webbed with cracks clearly the cause of the warning. Fortunately the impact left my flight suit helmet intact, so I was in no immediate danger.

Glancing around I could see that the cockpit had performed as designed, acting as an escape pod when my ship suffered catastrophic failure in the storms above. Continue reading Weather


I checked the straps holding me to my acceleration couch. Tightening one up a bit more, I looked over at the chronometer checking the time left before transition.

As the second counted down I began to hold my breath. I knew it wouldn’t help with the sensations of the jump through the fold in space that the ships engines would soon create.<!–more–>

The numbers on the countdown approached zero and I closed my eyes. 

It was said that every traveler experienced transition with eyes open once. Just once, the visual hallucinations it caused were something no one would wish to experience a second time. In fact this wasn’t exactly true, in the early days of transition it was discovered that certain mindsets could handle open eyed transition just fine. For a time those who could were assigned to ship duty as it was beloved they would do better in such positions than those who couldn’t take it. However, ether due to the immunity or as a result of repeated exposure to transition, it was found that those individuals were not entirely balanced. It took a couple major incidents involving those crews for the decision to be made to ground those affected as much as possible.

That said I was “lucky” enough to not have that problem.

The warning tones sounded, the last one shifting in pitch as the warping effects of transition hit.

I felt as if I was being twisted at the same time I was pulled from both ends. It wasn’t exactly painful, but the sensation mixed with the odd sound that assaulted my ears briefly before the pitch of the transition tone shifted back and the end of transition tones sounded.

Knowing it was safe to do so, I opened my eyes. As I took in the wall in front of me, I let out the breath I had been holding.

Another successful transfer.