I’m Excited For Captain Marvel

This weekend we are going to see the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel. I have been waiting for this one for months!

So keep an eye on the blog, I’m planning on writing a review in a day or so.

12×12 Challenge February Update

Ok. So my 12×12 Challenge didn’t fair as well in February.

I managed to get in my entry for I’ve been meaning to watch that, with my viewing of Pacific Rim: Uprising.

However my goal of three posts every week fell apart this week, and my planned scheduled post (Trek Tuesday in particular) didn’t work out.

So for March I’m going to keep my goal of at least one entry for I’ve been meaning to watch that, and my blog goal this month will be two posts per week and working on making sure that the blog is organized well.

Pacific Rim: Uprising : I’ve Been Meaning To Watch That

This month for I’ve Been Meaning To Watch That I decided to watch Pacific Rim: Uprising, this past year’s sequel to the 2013 kaiju and giant robots film.

While reviews of both films are mixed, I personally enjoyed both. In fact I just looked up the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for both and to be honest I’m shocked that they were as poorly received as the were.
I’ll save addressing the first film for another week.

Pacific Rim: Uprising picks up ten years after the first film ends, the world is beginning to recover from the devastation caused by the kaiju. Nothing would be that simple.

Despite some superficial similarities with the first movie (the lead character being a washed-up Jaeger pilot) the characters in Uprising actually are better fleshed out than in the first. Even the few carry over characters from Pacific Rim had more development than they appeared to in the first film.

The special effects are just as good if not better than in the first one. and teh plot was actually pretty good. If predictable in some places. But you don’t watch a film like this for the plot, the fact that there is a decent one is just a plus.

Overall solid performances from all the actors.

To be honest the one problem that seemed to stick out to me was that John Boyega’s accent seemed to be a bit inconsistent. Which was very odd.

All told this was a very enjoyable film, I would highly recommend it.

Trek Tuesday: “An Obal for Charon”: Discovery Season 2 Episode 4

In this episode, the mysteries continue as the crew encounters a mysterious sphere that causes significant harm to the ship and its crew.

Complexities abound as Saru fights to save the ship while he himself is dying, and down in the spore lab more is discovered about Tully’s hitchhiker who ends up making things worse.

There was a lot of plot action in the episode, however most of it was dropping breadcrumbs for future story arcs.

A well written episode with some deep (and potentially dark) implications for the future.

As always, if you aren’t watching it you are missing out on a lot.

Alita: Battle Angel : Movie Review

From the first trailer I’ve been excited for the live action interpretation of the cyberpunk manga series Gunnm. I found the old anime OAV to be enjoyable but not the greatest film when I watched it back in the 90s.

The story universe ticks off so many of my likes that as long as they didn’t butcher it I knew I would probably like it.

I’m sure you are all thinking I was setting myself up for disappointment, having watched it I have to say that couldn’t be further from the truth. I loved it! Continue reading Alita: Battle Angel : Movie Review

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