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2016 April A to Z – Looking Back

Well now that the month is behind me and I’ve had a few days to recover (ok more than a few), it’s time to put my thoughts on the month to “paper”.

Overall I think this month was an interesting learning experience. I definately need to plan better, however based on views and comments some of my more popular pieces were off the cuff flash fiction. Like my second post of the month Blinking, which was inspired by the internet outage we started the month with.

My planned review of Deadpool was also fairly popular. As were the series of mini fiction Sci-Fi stories all set within the same overall story. And yes, I do plan to continue and expand the tales of that intrepid pilot.

I managed to get all the letters out this time, some days were better than others but I’m very pleased with myself succeeding in 2016.

So how did the month go for you?


Zootopia Review

zootpiaOne of the latest offerings from the Disney is the excellent film Zootopia. While the initial premise of a world with anthropomorphic animals who all get along seems weak and over done, the movie in fact has far more depth than one would expect.

The films animation, both of character and environment is amazing. The movie is worth watching for that reason along. However, the story itself is both compelling and full of deeper meaning. Continue reading Zootopia Review


The harsh beeping of the ship environmental warning greeted me as I regained consciousness. The canopy infront of me webbed with cracks clearly the cause of the warning. Fortunately the impact left my flight suit helmet intact, so I was in no immediate danger.

Glancing around I could see that the cockpit had performed as designed, acting as an escape pod when my ship suffered catastrophic failure in the storms above. Continue reading Weather