“23 in ’13” Challenge

Ok, I’m probably going to call the challenge a failure. I have had a very productive year but I haven’t hit either 23 reviews or 23 different contributions. Life has just not been with me for this. I will continue to update the page with works I do that meet my self challenge.

In early 2013 geeky songwriter John Anealio challenged everyone to join his attempt to create 23 new pieces of music in the year. Anything goes, just make 23 of them.

I accepted the challenge to do 23 reviews, not counting comic books. Then a few days later things changed a bit and I needed to modify things a bit, I figured since I am already contributing to 5 different sites (not counting Goodreads and the like) that I would shoot for getting content out on 23 different sites/blogs. But since several of my existing contributions are for reviews I’m keeping the first challenge going.

23 in ’13 Contributions

  1. Laith’s Ramblings
  2. It’s Comic Book Day – Comic Reviews (regularly)
  3. Slice of SciFi – News Reporting (daily)
  4. The Zombie Channel – News Reporting (shared byline “Carl the Zombie”)
  5. The Dragon Page – Book Reviews
  6. Slice of SciFi UK – News Reporting
  7. How To Grow Your Geek – Various Content

23 in ’13 Reviews

  1. Nexus by Ramez Naam (1/30/2013) [2/2/2013 Slice UK]

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