Biography Haiku: John Dobson

A Promoter of
amateur astronomy.
Telescope designed.

John Dobson, long time promoter of amateur astronomy and designer of an inexpensive and simple to build Newtonian telescope, has just passed away at 98. I wrote this entry in the Biography Haiku Challenge in his honor.

The image comes from the Griffith Observatory.

14 thoughts on “Biography Haiku: John Dobson”

  1. Wow, quick turnaround on the haiku, Laith! Yeah, this fellow lived a ripe life, and he was always against the Big Bangers, too. At first I was like, ‘wasn’t that the guy who discovered Pluto?’ But I was thinking of Clyde Tombaugh. He figured out something about finding planets from their parent star’s gravitational pull.

    1. Yeah, some of his ideas about cosmology are a bit out there from the mainstream viewpoint. But he did a great job in trying to bring the wonders of the universe to the general public.

            1. Didn’t say they did… 🙂

              Personally I have a feeling that this may be one of those questions that can never be finally answered.

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