Wow, I got nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award

Illuminating Blogger AwardHey all, as I was sitting down to compose my post earlier for the two astronomy events this week, I found out I was nominated for the “Illuminating Blogger Award”  by N E White (tmso) You can see her post over here.

Per the rules of the award I must provide a random fact about myself, and nominate other bloggers who’s writings I have found illuminating. So here it goes…

Random Fact of Interest (or something)

I started college majoring in Biology (Marine Science), but graduated in Computer Science.

Illuminating Bloggers (wow, how to limit this)

  1. Sheila @ Book Journey ( a great book blog that has inspired some of my projects
  2. Travel Between The Pages ( a wonderful blog full of interesting material. All related to books, just not how you usually think of it.
  3. Jennifer M Eaton ( for lots of interesting writers information
  4. Kathleen Jennings @Errantry ( for her wonderful art but especially her Daleks series, always fun and a great example that you can find inspiration for something amazing anywhere.
  5. Impossible Astronaut ( an amazing collection of great content comes from this blog
  6. I really could keep this list going; N E White (if a bit obvious), J R Blackwell, my friend Jeff Hite it just goes on… there are just so many great bloggers out there.

So here’s to the winners, and other nominees! Keep up the great work all!

12 thoughts on “Wow, I got nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award”

  1. Liked the interesting fact – maybe we share a common trait. I started studying for a degree in Modern European Studies but graduated with a BSc in Economics.

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