Life, Awards and Blogging

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Good afternoon all,

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I have been a bit quieter than usual on the blog, I have fallen behind on the daily birthday quotes and regular posts have been a bit sparse. For the last month or so life has been more than slightly crazy, so what little free time I have had has gone in other directions.

I had hoped to complete out a year of nearly daily quotes. However, at 340 quotes with the year mark coming up on August 8th, its been surprisingly successful. Given the popularity of the quotes I have no intention of giving them up, I’m just going to change them up a bit. You would be surprised just how hard it is some days to find a quote that I like for someone born that day.

Right, my plan for now is to change to quotes on weekdays only, and change how I am sourcing the quotes on a regular basis, like authors month or something along those lines.

Starting this Monday, I will begin with something simple to get back in the habit. Alphabetical Quotes, each day will have a quote by someone who’s name starts with the next letter in the alphabet. This will give me a better pool each day to find a good one.

IBA Planet Earth in SpaceI have a few other ideas for getting more regular content out there, and now that most things are starting to calm down and I am having more energy than I did I plan on finally getting some posts and other stuff done that I am more than slightly behind on.

Finally on a happy note, last week I joined the other terrific blogs on the winners list for the Illuminating Blogger Award, a few months back I was thrilled have been nominated for the award and I am pleased to have made the cut.

Laith, with apologies to Douglas Adams.


4 thoughts on “Life, Awards and Blogging”

  1. Congrats on the award, and good luck with the quotes. I was always impressed with the quality of quotes that you managed to come up with. Good job, and I look forward to more. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I really felt like I was having to reach to find a quote, I didn’t want just any quote but something with real meaning to it.

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