The Venus Transit

Well the Sun has set on June 5th 2012 here in Des Moines, our view on the transit of Venus has passed.

This evening we loaded up the girls and my homemade sun viewer, and headed to the park for a picnic and transit viewing. What started out as a nice clear day ended with some fairly solid cloud cover.

Fortunately, just as we finished dinner, there was a good break in the clouds. We got a good several minutes of strong clear sunlight, perfect for focusing carefully through the viewer.

While we are not completely certain, we think that we were able to find the spot that is Venus as it crossed the disk of the Sun!


2 thoughts on “The Venus Transit”

  1. Woohoo! You did it.

    I don’t think it was that easy to see it. My co-worker donned four pairs of sunglasses and tried from our balcony, but all we could see was the sun. The little dot of Venus just couldn’t be spotted with the “naked” eye. Definitely needed binoculars. Great pics!

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