Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Trees

Wargs and Goblins chase.
The party climbs trees ablaze.
Eagles come to save.

Today you get a double hit of the Epic Fantasy Haiku Challenge for my Hobbit Haiku series.

So how do you think the haiku are shaping up?

9 thoughts on “Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Trees”

  1. I’m hitting both submissions with one comment today: wow. I really hope you plan to do the whole thing, because it would be really cool for you to publish The Hobbit remixed as like a dozen or so haiku. I would totally buy that.

      1. Excellent . . . that’s a neat thing to do. Actually, that would be a great exercise for reading retention, too, and by the time you’re done, you can sum up a book in haiku. Maybe I’ll try that with my next read. 🙂

          1. I hadn’t thought of that, either… although I didn’t go into grade school teaching, I have some training. I’ll have to get the missus and my daughter to contribute to this. They have a number of works to choose from.

        1. Oh whoa… that IS a good idea!

          I shall have to contemplate putting out more haiku for “Redemption of the Four Kingdoms” this month, then. So so so much posts I have to work on, now…

          1. Well to be honest I don’t really have a way that I know of to close submissions and if you wanted to do a past genre after the month is over I would not have any problems with that whatsoever.

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