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Trust/Doubt – Poem


The knight trudged onward with his sturdy steed.

Rain soaked the pair continued forth, the daring duo.

Under skies ever darker, they crossed the perilous plateau.

Shoulders back he approached the home of the dragon and entered that terrible tomb.

Trembling, the knight hefted his sword and charged the Brobdingnagian beast.

Onward bravely with day three of Writing 201: Poetry. Today the prompt is “trust” and the chosen style is acrostic, a very different kind of poem than the last two. This one focuses more on using words to add a hidden depth to the larger work. In this case I chose to use the style that uses the first letter of each piece to spell out a word, and for added complexity I’ve got the last letters spelling out a second word that contrasts with the first.  Both also tie back to the story contained within the work itself. And finally today’s extra device of a bit of internal rhyme thrown in for spice.

So how did I do? I think this one was actually more challenging than the last two.

Journey – Poem


A hobbit set out on a trip one day.
Finding not but trouble on the way.
Trolls, Goblins and Spider.
Mountain with Dragon inside her.
He went home with trunks full of his pay.

Day two of Writing 201: Poetry, and today’s prompt is “journey” in the style of a the limerick. Known generally for works of a comic nature, that is not at the core of the style of this AABBA formatted work. So I tried to go for something a bit more serious let light.

How did I do? Did I capture my subject in the form of a limerick?

Water – Poem


Oceans of water,
covering the whole of earth
are teaming with life.

The sun strikes the seas,
the water liquid no more.
High above the ground,
clouds like cotton float around.
Blown on the wind, far and wide.

From the sky it falls.
Soft as feathers, hard as stone.
Bringing life to earth.

This is my first entry in the Writing 201: Poetry series. Today’s prompt is water, using the haiku poetry form.

I decided to stretch my muscles a bit by going for a more complex piece. A standard haiku (5/7/5) followed by a tanka (5/7/5/7/7) and finished up with a third stanza back in haiku from.

So what do you think?