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Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

wonderful-readership-award2Back just before Christmas, rarasaur nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

With the chaos of the holidays and such it has taken me a bit of time to get my acceptance post and nominations pulled together.

This award is a bit of an odd one, the requirements are a touch open ended; but here I go. (Rules at the end)

A Great Reader Is…someone who engages with what they read; be it news, blog posts or books. A great reader enjoys what they are into and tries to return that joy to the world in some form.

My nominations for the award are the following

Looking at this list I notice that I seem to keep nominating some of the same folks for these things, but since we share interests I guess this makes sense. If I ever get nominated again I’ll try to spread it around a bit better, there are a lot of great blogs I read but I can only nominate so many.

Here are the WTMRA recipient rules: Continue reading Wonderful Team Member Readership Award