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Falling: Speakeasy #166

He taught me how to read people’s eyes.

As he stood there on the cliff, ignoring the efforts of the park ranger to talk him away from the edge, our eyes met and I saw it.

No despair. No insanity. Just confidence. Calmness.

With a smirk and a wink, he threw himself off the cliff.

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Discothèque Discourse

Few weeks back for the Speakeasy challenge I wrote a short piece Discothèque. As I promised in the conversation in the comments I’m going to talk about the piece, what I was thinking and how other folks interpreted it. Sorry for the delay, starting right after the initial post my life got really busy for a few weeks.

Feel free to read the piece if you haven’t yet and join in the conversation there or on this one.
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Speakeasy #143: Leeward

There was a loud crash in the hallway. With a quick glance at the pots on the stove, Rachel dried her hands and stepped out of the kitchen to see what was the racket.

Down the hall she watched as her daughter and eldest son picked up the drying frame she had left propped near the door earlier, the dim sunlight flooding from the door.

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