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Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal in Stores Now

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Those who follow my blog should be familiar with my hyping Scott Sigler’s work, his latest book release Nocturnal is out in stores today.

From the author’s site:

NOCTURNAL is simultaneously a horror/thriller, a high-action comic book of a novel, and a throwback to classic 80s buddy-cop movies.

Based on this New York Times best-selling novelist’s previous works I can’t wait for a chance to read this one.

You can find out more about the book over at ScottSigler.com


The Starter: Galactic Football League Book Two by Scott Sigler [Book Review]

The Starter (Galactic Football League, Volume 2)The StarterThe other day I finished listening to Scott Sigler‘s podcast of The Starter, book two in his phenomenal Galactic Football League series.

As anyone who knows me well is aware, I have about zero interest in football. Sure, I can follow a game fairly well, however I only really get into a game when we go to the high school games in the district my wife teaches in and dramaqueen and littlediva go to school.

So with that bit of background it says a lot about the amazing work Scott does in assembling the threads of the story in The Starter. To pull me in and have me fascinated with a story that involves a football team to such an extent is amazing.

That said The Starter, and it’s predecessor The Rookie aren’t really about football. This series is a good solid hard Sci-Fi story mixed with liberal amounts of old school gangland and great character interactions. None of the characters in Scott’s work are one dimensional, everyone of them screams out, “I’ve got a back story here! And it rocks.” From the principle character Quarterback Quentin Barnes, to his teammates and even the team doctor.

As the story progresses not only does our understanding of the universe evolve and expand, it does so right along with Quentin, an orphan from an isolated somewhat backwater society.

I seriously can’t more strongly recommend this story, I’ve started to listen to the serialized release of The All-Pro and so far it lives up to the first two stories.

Now before you go and say, so he is a great reader no wonder the story comes alive, let me tell you, I have both listen and read Scott’s book Ancestor. I can tell you his tale translates just as powerfully onto the printed page as well.

Go out and grab the podcast or purchase the book, this is one series that is worth the time!

Parsec Awards – Tomorrow

The 2011 Parsec Award Ceremony is tomorrow afternoon at DragonCon. There are many talented individuals and groups represented in the finalists.

I will be hoping for those I know:
Nathan Lowell, Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty,
and those I listen to:
Skepticality, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, The Funny Music Podcast.

Good Luck to you all.

Sorry Sigler, I’ll be hoping for Nate’s Owner’s Share.

Very Cool: Ancestor in Paperback

Congrats to our FDØ Scott Sigler, his excellent novel Ancestor is now out in paperback!

I have written about Scott’s work back when he was on the NY Times bestseller list.(New Media is “Contagious”)

Ancestor is a wonderful mix of science fiction and horror. If you haven’t read it in Hardcover or listened to the Podiobook, head on over to Amazon US and pickup a copy.

I know you will thank me for it!