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I’m feeling geeky: Blade Runner & Olmos

I just saw over on twitter that Edward James Olmos will be participating in a live twitter conversation while watching the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner tonight (8PM EST/5PM PCT)

Just follow #MovieNightTweet with the movie cued up to the green tree logo on the hour.

More details at OlmosPerfect


Elisabeth Sladen ’48 – ‘011

On Tuesday the 19th, Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith from Dr Who) passed away at age 63.

It is a sad day for the fandom.

The BBC says that “something suitable is being planned” in tribute.

In the mean time here is a nice tribute comic over at Dork Tower.

As well as a wonderful post from Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

I’m sure more will be to come as word spreads…

New Media is “Contagious”

Found an interesting post on Podiobooks.com it seems that Scott Sigler’s novel “Contagious” (the sequel to “Infected”) made the New York Times Best Sellers list. While I have yet to read or listen to either title I have enjoyed several of Sigler’s other works, especially “Ancestor”.

This major success in traditional media is very cool. You can find the full article over at the Podiobooks blog.