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Thor: Ragnarok – Quick Thoughts

Sally and I went to see Thor: Ragnarok today, it was excellent! Another great installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Without spoiling things I will say that it nicely takes some of the loose threads in the MCU and pulls them together back into the tapestry of the larger story. Leaving several things in good position for where they will need to be in future installments.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch it in the theaters, do so. We saw it in 3D, it was well done for that medium but I don’t think that it would suffer at all in standard.

I will plan on writing up a more complete review at some point in the near future.


Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Poster
For today’s entry in the April A-Z, I decided to write some of my thoughts on the hugely popular Marvel comics based movie Deadpool.

There are so many things to say about the film. First off, yes I loved it. That being said I do need to get a few things off my chest… Continue reading Deadpool Movie Review

Sunday Comics: Issue 4 – Star Trek TNG: Hive

For this week’s Sunday Comics, I give you Star Trek The Next Generation: Hive.

I think the best way to introduce this title is with the cover blurb.

In the distant future the entire galaxy has been completely assimilated by Borg and its king… Locutus! The only hope lies in the past, in the hands of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise – as Picard faces off against the Borg collective in one final, terrifying, and definitive encounter!

Published for the Next Generation 25th aniversary, the comic series is penned by several notable writers from the Star Trek universe. Brannon Braga, the writer of several loved Next Gen episodes including the Hugo winning ‘All Good Things…’, and Terry Matalas who wrote for Enterprise.

The story is very well written, bringing to mind the kind of great storytelling that many of us fell in love with watching TNG. The art in the book is outstanding, the ships are detailed and the character designs true to the look of the actors.

I read this title as a review copy from the publisher. If you haven’t read this four volume story I would recommend you pick up the combined edition, due out in April. You can pre-order at Amazon.

What Happened To January

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since the beginning of the year. So much has happened.

New blogging resolutions, new stuff reviewed. Challenges accepted… and altered.

As you may have noticed after a streak of not missing a day all month, yesterday it fell apart. Oh well, that is still pretty good, especially with my posting news almost daily over at Slice of SciFi.

Anyway as we move into the new month I’m settling into my new role over at the Slice family of sites and on the lookout for other blogs or websites that I can provide content for to further my 23 in ’13.

I forgot to post about it the other day but on the 30th my latest book review went live at The Dragon Page.

NexusNexus is a thriller for the post-human age, Ramez Naam does a phenomenal job of taking modern cutting edge science and building a realistic world of the near future.

You can read the rest of my review at The Dragon Page.

I’m Taking The 23 in ’13 Challenge

Earlier this month geeky songwriter John Anealio was reflecting on his rather poor production numbers in 2012. He has decided to challenge himself to release 23 new songs in 2013, and he is challenging everyone to join him.

I’ve looked back over my past year and one thing that I’m somewhat disappointed in was that I didn’t finish and review more books. So yesterday I accepted the challenge! On top of my regular blogging schedule, my goal is to complete reviews on 23 books.

The rules I’ve set for my personal challenge are as follows:

  1. The books I review do not need to be read in 2013 (I’ve got a few reviews in desperate need of writing)
  2. Comic reviews will not count towards this tally (I’m all ready at 5 mini-reviews this year)
  3. I am going to allow books that I “read” as an audiobook or podiobook to count.
  4. I will give a state of the challenge post at the beginning of each month.
  5. I will keep a status up through the year, and a month into 2014 (to either crow my success, or shame myself into doing better)

About two reviews a month really isn’t that tough a goal.

So anyone else up for it? Let me know, and John wants to hear from you! While you are there check out his tunes, it will be worth your time.

Sunday Comics: Issue 2 – Classics In Ink And Paint

In recent years we have seen a trend to take classic works which have passed into the public domain and either reinterpret them (Wicked for example) or just present them to a new audience. So for this week’s Sunday Comics issue I’m going to review a few of these works in graphic novel form.

Alice in WonderlandAlice in WonderlandLewis Carol

This classic work of children’s literature is creatively adapted into a somewhat manga style by Rob Espinosa. It’s been a while since I’ve read Carol’s original work but to my recollection Espinosa’s adaption is true to the original. Well drawn and colored, the comic has been out for a few years now. This hardcover edition weighs in at 128 pages and is scheduled for release February 12th, 2013 from Dark Horse Comics. I read this as a review copy from the publisher, however you can find it for pre-order at Amazon.

If you are looking for a way to introduce someone to Carol’s original Wonderland I would recommend this one.

Wizard of OzL. Frank Baum

Another example of a classic redone in a manga style, OZ: The Manga by David Hutchison does a wonderful job of taking Baum’s original work and translate it into a somewhat more modern style. Hutchison takes the original style of the OZ illustrations, which had what we might now call a Steampunk feel and enhanced that vision. I can’t say I’ve read the original Wizard of Oz beyond the first chapter but from what I understand of the story this is a good adaption as opposed to a retelling. I read this in digital form purchased on my iPod, it can be found at Amazon here.

I would definitely recommend this one for its great art backed by a classic story.

Hound of the BaskervillesHound of the Baskervilles –  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I grew up a big fan of Conan Doyle’s archetypal sleuth Sherlock Holmes, I was introduced to these works in version presented on Mystery! with Jeremy Brett in the title role. I later moved on to read many of the mysteries. This graphic novel version of Hound of the Baskervilles by Patrick Thorpe and Jamie Chase takes the original story and translates it faithfully into the graphic format. I was very pleased with the effort they took to remain true to the master’s work. The art of this book is very well done, however to be honest it wasn’t my thing. This one I also am reviewing from a copy I received from the publisher, Dark Horse. You can pre-order a copy for the early March release here.

This one is a must buy for fans of the works of Conan Doyle.

So that’s it for this week’s issue of Sunday Comics, catch you next week.

Sunday Comics: Special Issue 1 – Havoc Brigade Review

Hey all,

This week’s Sunday Comics is my review of Havoc Brigade by Neal Marshall Stevens.

Havoc Brigade CoverA war torn world, nation fighting nation in seemingly unending war. Until one nation created the answer to conventional warfare, heavily armed and armored augmentation suits. The Havoc Brigade.

You can catch the full review over at It’s Comic Book Day, where with luck I will be contributing somewhat regularly. I’ll still be posting comic reviews here on Sundays, however certain reviews will be posted there.