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NaNoWriMo Day 22: Tryptophan

The Twenty-Second of November, Thanksgiving Day here in the states.

Not the most productive day I’ve had, but it was a fun day overall. Between family and way too much food, cousins running around playing together.

It does not result in the best of writing environments 🙂

I was still able to get around 800 new words down. However bed called early in the evening.

So I’m going to blame the Tryptophan for the low word count.

Keep Writing!


NaNoWriMo Day 21: Pre-Turkey Chaos

As we enter into the toughest part of National Novel Writing Month, finding time to write with family commitments around the Thanksgiving holiday, I was rather pleased with my progress on Wednesday.

I managed a reasonable word count, concidering the time I had available to write. Also my count would have been about 30 higher, but I got them entered right after the clock turned 😉

We are now into the family commitments, hence the lateness of this post.

Have a good Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

Either way, Keep Writing!

NaNoWriMo Day 20

My twentieth day of the 2012 National Novel Writing Month was very productive and enjoyable.

For the first time I was able to participate in the local write-in, not in person but virtually via USTREAM.

I was able to add a good number of words to my NaNo work during the sprints that our leader Mary ran for us. While my word counts were a far amount off the goals she set it was still a lot of fun and productive. The feel of getting down to my writing with others who are doing the same was something new for me, I liked it.

If you can’t make a local write-in try to take part in a virtual one of some sort, knowing there are others pounding away at their keyboards right along with you is a great motivator.

I have now passed the half way mark and took a look at last year, day 20 was my last writing day in 2011. I had a slightly higher word count at that point but my life got interesting and my motivation failed. This was also after a number of no writing days before that.

This year I’m still going strong and just had a brainstorm of another short story/novella to work on. As a result my below par word count doesn’t have me worried right now, I think I will actually make it this year!

Keep Writing!


NaNoWriMo Day 19

National Novel Writing Month, at this point in the month the goal is seeming further and further off as the end of the month seems closer and closer.

Life once again made yesterday less than productive, a lot of good positive stuff happened but the day just wasn’t in my favor for writing much.

Tonight is looking better for getting some words down.

Keep Writing!

NaNoWriMo Day 18: Things look bleak? Keep going!

Good morning all,

Day Eighteen was nice and productive, nearly two thousand words down. I would have liked to make some further progress but overall not a bad day.

At this point my chances of winning NaNoWriMo are starting to look a bit slight, not giving up but its going to take good solid days for the rest of the month and a few extra productive days.

Anyway, I’m not getting down about it or giving up.

If you are behind neither should you!

Keep Writing!

NaNoWriMo Day 18 17

Good Morning, as day eighteen seventeen of NaNoWriMo came to a close I had moved my effort forward by a little over 1k. Not a stellar performance but with my rather inconsistent blocks of writing time yesterday not bad.

I woke a bit after midnight and so I already have close to 700 words under my belt for today. Not sure if the write-in is in the cards, but it is supposed to be virtual as well so maybe I can listen/watch the stream.

Keep writing.

(update: got my days wrong… the month is becoming a blur)

NaNoWriMo Dare Response: Chocolate

Yesterday being Friday, Anita King posted another NaNoWriMo dare. This time it is to write a scene revolving around Chocolate. As soon as I saw her post I could see the basic framework of the challenge fitting wonderfully in as a scene in one of stories.

The basic setup of the story world is there has been a global pandemic, still kind of nebulous but think rabies crossed with a zombie virus. The survivors have fallen back to several enclaves that are positioned to protect them and technology is a mix of some of the remaining modern tech as well as some steampunk or gear-punk type stuff as anything that can be used is being taken advantage of.

The story segment takes place on the sea born city of Atlantis.

Simone grinned as she was lead into the party, Jake introducing her to some of his friends present for the welcome back party. The were about to head to the buffet table when a young woman Jake’s age approached them. Jake’s smile broadened at the site of her, “Simone Gottlieb, may I present my best friend for as long as I can remember, Josefine Nørgaard. ‘Fine, this is Simone, she is part of the crew of the airship that brought me back from the flying city.”

Josefine extended her hand to Simone, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, thank you for returning this rascal to us mostly intact.”

“The pleasure’s mine, though a few times on the trip here it was a close thing. You would think he would learn not to try to open the exterior hatches when we are traveling several hundred meters in the air.”

“Simone! Did you have to mention that? It was only twice, the second time the markings on the door were faded so how was I to know?”

“That does seem like my Jake, anyway I believe you are headed over to the foods? I belive you will find a few things on the spread you may have not seen before, I understand that the amount exported to Laputa is quite small, which is just unfortunate for you all.”

As the walked over to the tables Simone replied, “Well that is one advantage of signing aboard an airship like the Phoenix, we get to see parts of the world that the city bound do not.”

The pair slowing worked their way along the table filling a plate. Jake grinned as the two of them seemed to completely forget he was there, piling an almost obscene amount of foods on his plate. Having spent the past year either traveling or on Laputa he had really missed some of the foods that were common here in Atlantis.

Simone, picked up a small curled sliver of a rich brown something, looking at it curiously

“Oh Simone, you simply must try that,” Josefine said.

“What is it? I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before.”

“That would be chocolate, we trade with the El Dorado city ship in the south for it. I think it is made from the bean of some plant. It is simply wonderful.”

Simone popped the sliver of chocolate into her mouth, the taste as it melted on her tounge was like nothing she had ever experienced before. “oh, my. I don’t think I’ve tasted something that good before.”

“Isn’t it? That’s dark chocolate,” she hands her a lighter brown curl, “here this is the closest we can come to something called ‘Milk Chocolate’, they used to use cow’s milk to make it.”

“Why in the world would anyone use cow’s milk for anything?”

“This was before the plague set in, remember there were a lot of meats which we don’t use now because it may not be safe.”

“Oh, so the old books were talking about cow milk? I thought it was the same milk we drink now.”

Josefine smiled, “No the milk we have now is plant based, soybean mostly I think.”

Simone popped the milk chocolate into her mouth, “Oh that’s good too.”

“Both have their place, milk is a bit smoother.”

“Yeah I can see that, the dark is much richer. I think I like it better.”

“Me too, but there are some heathens that prefer milk.”

“Really? It’s almost too sweet.”

“I know. Look, they won’t have any here but after the party come back to my place and I’ll introduce you to hot chocolate. It’s a great thing for cold windy nights, we often drink it instead of coffee when we are on guard duty. The sugar helps keep your energy up and the caffeine is milder, so you can generally get to sleep when you want.”

“Sounds wonderful. I may have to pick up the stuff for that and some dark chocolate before we head back. Warm beverages for cold windy nights are in strong demand back home.”

“I’m really surprised that there isn’t an import trade for coca beans then.”

Simone shook her head, “Actually I think I know why, you said you get this from trading with the southern Atlantic city? Laputa and Dorado have not been on good terms for some time.”

“Really? I didn’t know that, ” she glanced across the room spotting someone. “come with me, lets talk to my uncle. He is on the city trade council, maybe we can get something set up.”

Ok, so from Anita’s post here are the dare elements.

Write a scene that centers around chocolate.(Yup)

  • Bonus points if both liquid and solid forms of chocolate are involved.
  • Double bonus points if your main character has never tasted chocolate before. (maybe not MAIN character but a primary)
  • Triple bonus points if it includes a debate about the relative merits of milk and dark chocolate. (Yup!)
  • Quadruple bonus brownie points with (chocolate) sprinkles if dark chocolate wins–I might be slightly biased here! (Yup, and my fav too)

This dare was a major boon for the story, it gave me an extra scene and a spot to have Jake introduce Simone and Josefine. Also some hopefully not too “info dump” background detail introduction, some of which will be useful later.

Keep Writing!