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Sunday Comics: Issue 3 – The Adventures Of Superhero Girl

Ah the life of a superhero; the adoring fans, the cool costume, stopping the latest Evil Villain(TM).

But what about the other side of things? Keeping a secret identity, dealing with emergency costume repair and just making it through the day.

Find out all about it in Faith Erin HicksThe Adventures of Superhero Girl.Adventures of Superhero Girl

I was fortunate enough to get a review copy from the publisher Dark Horse via NetGalley. As I read the comic I was impressed with both the quality of the story and the charm Hicks imbued the work with. Superhero Girl brings to mind the feel of your classic weekly Sunday comic. A good humor running throughout, with a solid storyline beneath it all. The story is wonderfully supported by the well drawn art, a nice realistic feel to it without slipping into caricature.

I have enjoyed reading this one with my daughter, and plan on picking up the 112 page hardcover book after it becomes available on March 5th. You can pre-order from Amazon or your outlet of choice.