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Sunday Comics: Issue 3 – The Adventures Of Superhero Girl

Ah the life of a superhero; the adoring fans, the cool costume, stopping the latest Evil Villain(TM).

But what about the other side of things? Keeping a secret identity, dealing with emergency costume repair and just making it through the day.

Find out all about it in Faith Erin HicksThe Adventures of Superhero Girl.Adventures of Superhero Girl

I was fortunate enough to get a review copy from the publisher Dark Horse via NetGalley. As I read the comic I was impressed with both the quality of the story and the charm Hicks imbued the work with. Superhero Girl brings to mind the feel of your classic weekly Sunday comic. A good humor running throughout, with a solid storyline beneath it all. The story is wonderfully supported by the well drawn art, a nice realistic feel to it without slipping into caricature.

I have enjoyed reading this one with my daughter, and plan on picking up the 112 page hardcover book after it becomes available on March 5th. You can pre-order from Amazon or your outlet of choice.


Sunday Comics: Special Issue 1 – Havoc Brigade Review

Hey all,

This week’s Sunday Comics is my review of Havoc Brigade by Neal Marshall Stevens.

Havoc Brigade CoverA war torn world, nation fighting nation in seemingly unending war. Until one nation created the answer to conventional warfare, heavily armed and armored augmentation suits. The Havoc Brigade.

You can catch the full review over at It’s Comic Book Day, where with luck I will be contributing somewhat regularly. I’ll still be posting comic reviews here on Sundays, however certain reviews will be posted there.