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Orbital Decay: YeahWrite #281

She didn’t have the luxury of time. Releasing her safety harness, she glanced at the readouts one more time before pushing off. Grabbing the back of her flight seat she flipped herself over. Shoving hard against the cabin roof, she shot towards the engineering access.

Floating along the tunnel, she slowed her travel by grasping rungs in the ladder along the side. Reaching the engineering space, her wrist-com began beeping with a warning of her ship’s decaying orbit. Continue reading Orbital Decay: YeahWrite #281

Planet 513: Speakeasy #158

I sat leaning back against an ancient tree while Tom worked to repair the damage the arm of my augment suit had taken in the last skirmish. Almost everyone in our strike team had taken some damage since we were dropped on this rock four days before.

It has been a long war; we take a planet, the Draco take a planet. It had been going on for decades. No end in sight. Continue reading Planet 513: Speakeasy #158