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Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Ring

A dark cavern lake.
Simple, shiny band of gold.
Bilbo vanishes.

Well there it is, my entry in this month’s Genre Haiku Challenge: Epic Fantasy, from Rob’s Surf Report.

I’ve got a few more ideas related to The Hobbit that I will probably post over the rest of the month.

SciFi Haiku: Babylon 5

I’ve looked around for ideas to get my creative juices flowing and came across the “Genre Haiku Challenge” at Rob’s Surf Report. His first challenge was for Science Fiction based haiku, and while I missed the challenge deadline (it only ran for a few days) I decided to give it a shot.

From a dead planet.
A whisper “what do you want?”
The shadows spreading.

The final entries of the first challenge can be found here.

Rob’s December challenge is for Epic Fantasy, I think I will give it a try but my Epic Fantasy experience is mostly limited to Tolkien’s works.

Want to try your hand at it? Let me know if you do!