Youth is wasted

I drifted awake, a fog in my mind as I tried to recall what happened last night.

There was drinking… I think… someone warning me about not going into the other sector.

I can’t recall.

I don’t feel hungover, why can’t I remember.

The lights suddenly turn on and I close my eyes against the glare.

Slowly opening them a crack, I see an attractive woman in medical uniform standing next to my bed.

“What happned?” I croaked in a voice that sounded odd.

“You were found dumped at the end of the street on the border of the Mage territories.”


“You picked a bad night to stumble drunk into their area. Last night is the only time of month that their beliefs permit performing a body swap.”

In shock at what the medic implied, I lifted my hands up to see unfamiliar features and skin far more wrinkled than I was used to.

“I’m…” I almost couldn’t say it “I’m old?”

“I’m afraid so.”

I let my new hands fall to my chest.

Then I noticed something else was different.

“Wait. I’m an old woman?”


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