So, I had planned to write another short from the same story as yesterday.

Instead I’m typing this while waiting for the doc at the ER read an X-ray.

Goes to show you never know just how your day is going to go.


6 thoughts on “Unexpected”

    1. Yes, the oldest did something to her thumb so getting it checked out. It will probably just end up in a brace for a few days.

      I hope.

      She is in band so having one hand out of commission will make that tricky.

      1. Ouch! It’s amazing how some of the most critical parts of your body are often the ones to which you pay the least attention. Until you do something seemingly innocuous and then BAM!

        A close friend and former colleague jammed his right thumb on a piece of scanning equipment several years ago. Through rote activity he’d become accustomed to slipping paper into it and picking it up once it was processed. A couple of weeks after the incident, he happened to mention it to an assistant supervisor who compelled our manager to issue a compensation claim. My coworker ended up having a carpel tunnel-like surgical procedure that made it even worse. It’s healed now, but it was a true ordeal for him.

        Best wishes on your daughter’s recovery.

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