Preparatory Post Planning Prevents Poor Performance

I started off this years A-Z with the best of intentions, I had some general ideas for a few posts I would write durning the momth. The Deadpool review, The Martian mega review, and the final post for the month a review of Zootopia as well as writing a few random short story pieces.

However, life quickly got in the way of my loose plans. Between the internet failure in the first few days of the month, and just general busyness meaning the day would suddenly be gone with no post written. Yeah its been an odd month so far.

Anyway I have come to a few conclusions about making the A-Z work for me, and my general blogging as well.

  1. Plan out the posts in advance. Not just one or two but get most of them penciled in. (You can always make a last minute change)
  2. Write ahead. Focus on clearing the first few posts then work on some of the later harder ones.
  3. Find a balance in long and short posts.
  4. Plan for breaks (which A-Z has built in)
  5. Expect the unexpected, try to plan for it.

So how is the A-Z going for you? If you aren’t participating how do your own blogging efforts go? Any words of wisdom?


    2 thoughts on “Preparatory Post Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

    1. The first year I did A to Z I was forever falling behind and scrambling to catch up. This year I planned ahead and man, has it ever made a difference! I’ve been trying to use my Sundays to catch up on my blog visits, but I’m still way behind on that though. 😉

      1. Yeah, I haven’t made it to as many blogs this month as I would like. To be honest life has just been crazy and draining, so much to do so little time.

        Thanks for stopping by!

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