In Central Park, a young woman jogs quickly down a slightly shaded trail. The exercise making the sweat gather and roll down her back beneith her shirt.

Glancing at her watch, she turns up a side path to run home.

Down a junk filled alley a pair of boys try to coax a kitten out from behind a dumpster.

“Dude, ” the shorter of the pair exclaimed, “your sister is going to love this thing.”

“I know, it looks just like the one she keeps drawing.”

Finally extracting the hesitant furball, the pair heads home.

A young couple is pushing a stroller down the street, the baby inside happily burbling as she looks around.

The father adjusts the sun shade to protect her from the baking sun of the day.

The air momentarily shimmers, a metallic sphere briefly visible before it again vanishes as it shoots off to the east.

The Observer returning to join with its companions at the mother probe, its mission completed.

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