The old man stood from his seat. Stepping towards the window before him, he turned and looked over the crowd of young faces attentively listening to him.

Waving at the decaying city behind him, he spoke. “It all started as a grand experiment, a perfect city, everything in balance.”

“The years passed and this utopia began to lose its shine, mechanisms began to fail. The automatons built to keep things going could not keep up, their own systems breaking down as well.”

He swiveled to look out the window, hands clasped behind his back.

“Over time, just as the city crumbled, society began to break apart. Old rivalries, old prejudices crept back in, even as new ones developed around the social structure. The ails of the city were all ‘their fault’ and ‘because of them’.”

Sighing deeply, he continued.

“In the end, the experiment was abandoned. The watchers stopped watching, the city left empty. Now these crumbling ruins sit as a reminder that we must work hard to maintain our world.”

He sat back down and tapped a sequence on the controls in the chair arm, the ship banking away from the sad view as he continued.

“Without action taken against it, entropy will always bring about the end of things.”

As they flew away the lesson continued as the old man, one of the last of the cities residents answered the students questions.


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