Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Poster
For today’s entry in the April A-Z, I decided to write some of my thoughts on the hugely popular Marvel comics based movie Deadpool.

There are so many things to say about the film. First off, yes I loved it. That being said I do need to get a few things off my chest…

Come on people, this is a R rated movie. What are you doing bringing your kids to it?! We are talking HARD R here. Graphic violence? Check! Strong language? Check! Innuendo? Ummm, YEAH… stuff so blatant it doesn’t even qualify as innuendo.

Seriously, I’ve got three kids myself and there is no way I would let my oldest watch this film. However when my brother and I went to see it there were a number of kids in the audience younger than her. I don’t care if their parents brought them, they were too young!

Ok, done with that.

Now on to the film itself.

First off the screenplay was well written and everything in it had its place. Yes even the language and adult content, which was character appropriate for the regenerating degenerate.

The way the film was presented was amazing, between the use of special effects and just plain cinematography to the usage of music it was all incredibly well done.

Going in to the film I only had some general knowledge of the character but I did do some research ahead of time so I wasn’t going in blind. The general humor of the film was great, I loved the level of self-awareness that Deadpool has. The breaking of the fourth wall was incredibly well done, both in the obvious direct comments and some more subtle pokes that you needed to know more outside the film to follow. For example his throw away line of “Just don’t make my suit green”, which is a ref to Reynolds role in Green Lantern.

While graphic at times the violence wasn’t nearly as bad as I was concerned it would be. The language was more than a bit coarse; but in some ways it was less than I expected, more so in other ways (especially in regards to mature matters).

Lastly on the subject of the mature content, it was much more present than I expected. I would suspect that there are those out there who would be very put off by some of it.

One concern I have about the success of Deadpool is that the studios may take away the wrong lesson about an R rated comic movie being a runaway hit (a concern somewhat confirmed by the news that the next Wolverine will be R). It isn’t the R that made it a hit, it was the R that allowed the film to be what the character required it to be. This is not the case for every “superhero” movie.

To sum up:

  • Is this a movie for the kids? NO!
  • Is this movie for everyone? Nope
  • Is it a good movie if you are the right audience? YES!

So, did you see Deadpool? If so, what did you think?



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