The author sat at his desk, hands reaching out to the keyboard.

Letters piled together into stacks of words, heaps of sentences teetering in mounds of paragraphs.

Fingers flicking, keys clacking.

The avalanche began.


3 thoughts on “Avalanche”

  1. Such a wonderful expression to start with! I like that way you have symbolised Avalanche… I personally am able to relate with this. I anticipate the chaos of blogging will accelerate, as this challenge proceeds.
    Being a first-time participant of A to Z challenge, I am a little anxious to hit the end without failing to post.

    1. Thanks! This is my second try at the a-z, the first time I didn’t make it all the way.

      Just remember every post you make is one you didn’t make before, and if you do miss a day for some reason you can always borrow a Sunday to catch up.

      Posting something daily can be a daunting task, take it a bit at a time and you will be surprised what you can do.

  2. Hi Laith,
    Super thanks for visiting me at Abbie’s Adventure Diaries.
    Avalanche — I can relate! My study is experiencing one right now. It’s amazing how we manage to make sense from such mess!
    I’ve bookmarked you! Shall keep visiting!
    Abbie’s Adventure Diaries [http://abbiesadventurediaries.blogspot.com]
    Fellow April A to Z Challenge 2016 Participant

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