Hello again!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while. While life got interesting my lack of activity is more due to a bit of burnout than anything else. I’ve got a lot of things to write about.

Anyway, with November approaching I’m getting into NaNoWriMo prep. My two older daughters are also planning on getting involved in the Young Writers Program this year. My oldest has been doing a lot of writing lately on her own.

She and I are also in training for the Living History Farms race in late November, 7 miles of very off road running. I haven’t run seriously in a long time so getting ready has been interesting.

I will be talking about that, along with NaNo, in the coming weeks… maybe some reviews and other ramblings too.


7 thoughts on “Hello again!”

    1. Well I would say go for it! You can’t “win” if you don’t start.
      I’m trying to have my effort a bit more planned out in advance but in the past I’ve generally just let stories flow as they may (multiple short stories)
      I’ve got two possible stories in my head this time, I think I’m going to mostly focus on them. Even if I don’t finish either one I will be that many words closer.
      Sign up, find a local group if you have one. Write-ins are a great way to get word counts. I have also had a lot of help from @nanowordsprints on Twitter.
      Write what you want, sure officially you are to write a “novel” but just being able to produce 50k words of new creative content is an achievement.

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