NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 5

IMG_0604.PNGWell we are now five days into the month of November. For some of us our word counts are climbing and our works are reaching new heights of literary awesomeness. For others the first few days have been a sisyphiean struggle just to move the word counts along.

Personally, I’ve had a fairly good month so far.

At midnight on the first I hit the keyboard, with DramaQueen at her’s and we both did a sprint for 15 minutes, kicking the month off with a bang. I got a decent amount of writing in that day and let me tell you ending the first day ahead was a great feeling.

Day two was also full of win, one of my story ideas was really starting together and the words flowed. I could hardly believe that by the end of the day I was nearly at 5k.

Then Monday, I won’t say I didn’t write at all. But it was far from a big word count day.

Anyway yesterday, woke early knocked out a bit over 800, another 700+ over lunch. Then in the evening I hit a coffee shop for a write in with DramaQueen, bringing my grand total to over 7,000, very respectable numbers for me.

So for all you WriMos out there, how are things going for you literary awesome or did Sisyphus have it easy?


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 5”

  1. Good job, Laith! 🙂 I’m writing, but not participating in NaNo-what’s-it. I have a question for you. Is there such a thing as too many words in a chapter? I’m trying to get a sense of whether the chapters I’m writing for my book are too long, too short, too whatever. Maybe it doesn’t matter in the least and I can do what I like. Just curious if you have an opinion on the matter.

    Thanks, and happy writing!

    1. I’m sure it is possible for a chapter to be too long. But in general I think if the chapter covers everything that is logical to fit in that division of the story then you are probably fine.

      I’ve seen some mammoth chapters as well as some chapters that were only a few paragraphs long.

      1. Thanks, Laith, that’s what I was thinking too. It’s weird trying my hand at a novel. I’m having a lot of issues, like making things I want to happen fit into the story line. I remember reading a book on writing once and there was a part in there about being willing to throw some of your ideas (sometimes what seems like the best ones!) right out the window for the sake of the story. I never knew how hard that could be until now! lol

            1. It is an unofficial slogan of my local NaNo group… But it isn’t “junk” 😉

              The whole thing is,
              “Embrace the cr@p!”
              “Yeah cr@p!”


    1. Good for you!

      This has been another life’s kickball day so far. I ended yesterday just slightly behind the curve for the month. Hopefully I can get at least a few hundred words down so that I don’t end with a zero word day.

      It will all depend on how soon the girls go to sleep and my headache dims.

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