Ashes: Gargleblaster #169

She crouched down, poking through the ashes with a short stick.

The fire had long burned out, the embers only slightly warm.

Flipping aside a chunk of charred wood, she looked closely at what was uncovered.

Finding nothing, she sighed and left.


24 thoughts on “Ashes: Gargleblaster #169”

  1. A mysterious sum! I wonder what she hoped to find. There is so much drama here and yet it is without drama. Nicely done, Laith.

  2. Well, I’ve not heard of a Gargleblaster before, but this was fun to read.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z list. I’m part of a blogging team. We didn’t enter any of our story blogs on the A to Z because we tend to become too verbose with our tales. You might enjoy our Poetry of the Netherworld blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks wandaspycho. I’ll check your stuff out. The Gargleblaster challenge is a newer thing by the folks at yeahwrite. 42 characters to answer the question of the week… and 24 hours or 42 entries before the grid closes. it can be a tough challenge to meet.

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