Planet 513: Speakeasy #158

I sat leaning back against an ancient tree while Tom worked to repair the damage the arm of my augment suit had taken in the last skirmish. Almost everyone in our strike team had taken some damage since we were dropped on this rock four days before.

It has been a long war; we take a planet, the Draco take a planet. It had been going on for decades. No end in sight.

To be honest I’m not even sure what started the war. I know the stories we were told in school didn’t fit with what I’ve seen out here.

Sooner or later something would have to give.

“Ok” Tom reconnected my armor, “you’re good to go.”


Looking over at the Lieutenant I called out, “Sir, I’m patched up.”

“About time,” he grumbled, “we need to be on that ridge by sundown. Saddle up troops.”

We got moving, not meeting the Lieutenant’s expectations was not a pleasant experience.

We were all hiding flat in the tall grass on the ridge when the scout got back.

“Sir. There is a Draco light company heading this way further up the valley.”

“Good, just as expected.” He paused as he got on the comm with the support ship hiding in polar orbit. “Ok troop, when the enemy gets below us give them everything you’ve got. Command says this is the last group of enemy forces on the planet. From there we can get to mop up and clear the non-combatants off planet.”

I glance over at Tom, mop up was never a fun part of any action. The Draco civilians never wanted to give up their homes. Not that I could blame them.

Tom nodded back. He knew what I was thinking.

Orders are orders.

The enemy column was just about to reach our kill zone when a message appeared in my heads up.


I tensed slightly, yes I was reading what I thought on the tertiary comm channel.


“Cut off the head.” I whispered under my breath.

Tom looked over at me, “What?”



I rolled to the side, shifting my rifle and lined up with the Lieutenant, pulling the trigger. The rightness eclipsed every mistake made along the way.

The photo is “Lost Valley” by Robin Fernandes.


17 thoughts on “Planet 513: Speakeasy #158”

    1. That is funny. 5-15 is my wife’s birthday…that’s why I used that number. Oh and while it is dark not everything is quite as it seems.

    1. Thank you! When I read the last line prompt the rest of the story popped into my head. the harder part was getting the media prompt into it.

  1. Wow! That was a shocker of an ending! I agree with the other folks. I need to see more. Was he an operative? Was he a sleeper, programmed to act when those three were words were sent? This was a very compelling story, and of course I love Science Fiction, especially when it’s well-written like this. Congrats on getting Editor’s pick! You deserve it. 🙂

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