Several times through the year you can look to the sky and know you will see a shooting star. As I write this our world is currently passing through the trail of comet Thatcher and experienceing the Lyrid meteor shower.

Today is the peak of this year’s show, you can expect 10 – 20 meteors per hour; however bursts of up to 100 could happen.

Have you ever taken time to look up and watch a meteor shower? They can be amazing.

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10 thoughts on “Meteors”

  1. We did that one night last year when there was supposed to be an amazing shower. Nothin’. 😥 My sleep patterns have been so bad that I don’t know which would be worse: 1. not sleeping because of insomnia but lying in bed anyway, or 2. not sleeping because I make the CHOICE to stay up and look at a meteor shower but never see a single falling star. LOL

    1. Yeah, I’ve had that happen. We went out to a star party in a local park last year and had to head home because a storm rolled in before the easy to see part of the show happened. (storm cleared up a couple hours later, I almost dragged the oldest out to see)

    1. I subscribe to email alerts from which has all kinds of good info. I use it partially to know when atmosphere conditions are going to be good for long distance radio work, which ties in close to solar conditions.

        1. One of my hobbies is amateur radio. One of the fun things to do is listen for and try to contact distant stations. My girls have a world map with pins for places they have heard a station from using my rig.

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