Folks Can’t Stop Singing “Let It Go”

Back shortly before the Oscars I put up a post about “Frozen” and the hit song “Let it Go”. In “Why The Academy Shouldn’t “Let it Go”” I discussed “Frozen” and the many covers of it that had sprung up.

Since that time there have been many more, my girls have watched the film many, many more times. And in what I believe is an unprecedented situation “Let it Go” has been responsible for several records being set. Thanks to the Oscar win, the composer has joined the elite ranks of holders of the EGOT. Robert Lopez now olds an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award, being the 12th to achieve this honor. He has also set a new record for reaching EGOT status in the shortest time; he won his first award, a Tony, let than 10 years ago.

“Let it Go” has spent a surprising amount of time in the Top 100 (along with its Top 10 Oscar competitor “Happy”). The biggest news is that it’s rise to the Top 10 makes Idina Menzel the first person in history to have both a Top 10 and a Tony Award for acting.

I’ll let you go with a very impressive cover of the song that came to my attention recently. Brian Hull cover the song with very good impressions of Disney and Pixar characters. Check it out.

L: A-Z Challenge

4 thoughts on “Folks Can’t Stop Singing “Let It Go””

    1. Yeah, isn’t he. When Sally sent me that link I couldn’t believe it.
      Takes some serious talent to not only do that many voices but to sing with them as well…

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