I looked up from where I was dozing against the wall when one of the MPs nudged me with his boot. Following his gaze I spotted the group of armored vehicles coming up the road.

Getting to my feet, I slung my pack over my shoulder and grabbed my current tablet.

The first truck pulled to a stop in front of me and a pair of officials got out. We were quickly joined by a few guards from another truck.

“Morning sir,” I shook hands with the lead official, “ready to go over the recommendations?”

“You completed your survey already?” he seemed surprised.

“Yes sir, unfortunately my team has gotten very good at evaluating damage and long-term effects of an attack.”

Looking around he sighed, “I suppose the neighborhood will be a write-off?”

“Actually no, the damage in this area is mostly superficial and uncontaminated.”

Pointing down the way towards two damaged buildings, “to be honest those two there are the only ones that need be demolished. The rest of the repairs can be done once the cleanup is completed on those two.” Pausing for a second I added, “most of the residents in this area can probably move back in less than a month.”

“Very good, I’ll take your recommendations and pass them along to the cleanup and repair crews.” He took the tablet I handed over. Glancing over the details he looked up, “Excellent. It has been a busy couple of weeks for your team, we are putting you all on a week downtime. Pass the word.”

“Thank you sir.”

We shook hands and I headed off to find the rest of my team. A rest would be well received after all the work we had to put in since the latest attack.

K: A-Z ChallengeThe featured image is from “View behind a former wall” by Raymond Zoller


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