Raiding The Garden : Speakeasy #156

The clouds parted, the full moon’s light shining down on the yard. Two young hares, rump to rump like duelling pistols, crouched by the gate.

Looking over at the other the white eared one twitched its nose, then leapt up and bumped the latch. The pair hopped into the garden heading towards the herbs.

Stopping, the white eared one shook and grew into an older woman with long white hair.

“Come along, we don’t have all night.”

Her companion shook and transformed into a teenager.

“Yes Mistress,” she looked around, “we need Coriander, Rosemary and Liverwort right?”

“Yes and don’t forget to grab some Bloodroot as well. I will gather the other items.”

The pair worked quickly to gather the plants.

The looked up, “Quickly now our time is almost up.”

She put the last plant in her bag and shrunk back to the young rabbit with white ears.

“Be right there. Just need the Liverwort.” Grabbing it she soon joined the other as the pair hopped quickly from the yard.

The sky darkened as the break in the clouds passed, hiding the moon.

This week’s speakeasy response came to me as I listened to an episode of “Monster Talk” when the host mentioned that in some legends witches transformed into cats and rabbits.

The featured image is “full moon between clouds” by flickr user Iker Cortabarria


16 thoughts on “Raiding The Garden : Speakeasy #156”

    1. Thanks! I’m glad it worked out. I was stuck on the prompt until I heard that bit on the podcast, then the scene just sort of popped into my head.

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