Expectations, life is full of them.

You work hard, you expect recognition. Fail epically? Yeah, you can probably expect some ridicule.

Set yourself a goal, you expect that you will meet it.

So here I am on day 7 of the month, I should be writing a stirring discourse on the letter “F”.

Instead I find myself contemplating if falling behind so quickly and being unable to catch up on the official day off might be an indication that perhaps life isn’t going to allow me to meet my goals this month.

Can I expect to post consistently? Can I expect life to hit me again?

I think the answer to both those questions is yes.

I’m getting back on the horse, and I’m going to write my posts. I’m sure that with as much chaos as happens in my house that life will throw me again. But I’m going to keep going.

Have any of your expectations not quite worked the way you want lately?

E: A-Z Challenge
The featured image is “archery” by flickr user Vassilis, which he captioned “Keep trying. Sooner or later you are going to hit the target!” so it seemed even more appropriate.


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