Discothèque Discourse

Few weeks back for the Speakeasy challenge I wrote a short piece Discothèque. As I promised in the conversation in the comments I’m going to talk about the piece, what I was thinking and how other folks interpreted it. Sorry for the delay, starting right after the initial post my life got really busy for a few weeks.

Feel free to read the piece if you haven’t yet and join in the conversation there or on this one.

In total six of you put forward your thoughts on this by the time I started writing this post, my thanks to you.

Here are these ideas summarized:

  • Serial Killer/Psycho – 4 people
  • Kidnapper – 1
  • Vampire – 1
  • Villain loves a challenge – 2
  • Target female – 1
  • Target in 30s – 1
  • A comment about slipping something into the drink – 1
  • Male – 4

All great thoughts, and I can see where they are coming from. Mostly 🙂

First off, since I wrote this as a short stand alone story (probably) and deliberately ambiguous NONE of you are wrong.

Anyway here is what I was thinking of the situation and character as I wrote it, along with notes to help show how I think I demonstrated it in the story.

  • Vampire – Yes using “Staying Alive” from the prompt was meant as a hint towards this.
  • Female – “my hips matching the beat of the music” was intended to point in that direction.
  • Old – as demonstrated by wanting to be challenged and picky on her target.
  • Dinner – yes, she is a vampire. no, I don’t think that she kills generally.
  • Target Female – yes I was leaning this way also, indicated by “young beauties” but not set
  • Target in mid/late 30s – also indicated by “young beauties”, but more so by the person sitting at the bar not out on the dance floor.

Ok, so looking at a few things between the lists.
First off on the drinks, I was just meaning a few drinks to lower inhibitions not drugging the person. But I can see that. Especially combined with the rest of the sentence referring to slipping out back.

Not sure why everyone who used a gender identifier chose male. Perhaps since the writer is? Or often the bad guy in this sort of tale in popular media tends to be? I thought I had dropped some hints in what I wrote. I guess not.

Not going to argue on the Serial Killer/Psycho angles since even with the character being a vampire those could still apply if she kills her meals.

So overall I think I did a decent job of getting across the core of what I wanted within the challenge I had set myself.

What do you all think?

(Aside: man this is a dark post… I’ll have to write something lighter to cleanse the palate)

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5 thoughts on “Discothèque Discourse”

  1. I remember reading this and I had a few theories! Thanks for the explanation! I remember loving this piece for its length. You told so much in so little words. Well done!

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