The hooded figures chanted in unison, seemingly oblivious to the pitched battle that was occurring just outside the stone circle.

Swords clashing on shields, clawed hands deflected by blades. The warriors had been fighting for hours to achieve their goal.

The moons above would approach in the sky in rare alignment, the ritual completed under their joined light.

The defenders fought hard, holding back the enemy, giving little ground as the battle continued.

The moons slipped into the required positions, the chanting reached a crechendo.

The ritual ends, in the center of the circle a portal flares brightly.

And blinks out.

With a roar of anger the monsters retreated, their hopes for reinforcement ended by the human mages.

Exhausted robed figures and warriors alike slump to the ground knowing that their lands were protected again.

A: 2014 A-ZHere is my A entry for the 2014 April A-Z challenge. The featured image is by flickr user Ewan Munro.


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