The box was set on the table, jostling its contents.

The small ball of fur stirred and the kitten lifted her head, blinking her eyes and giving a large yawn. Looking around she got to her feet and gazed up and the being looking down at her.

A hand reached into the box and the kitten rubbed against it after a quick sniff.

Soft. It is soft

With a confused mew the kitten turned and tried to get the hand to pet her, hands mean petting.
Adding a purr she continued to rub against the fingers.

It makes an odd sound.

Getting frustrated the kitten rolled over hopping for a tummy scratch. The hand reached down and stroked her stomach.

Soft underneath.

The hand started to pull back, the kitten was not going to let that happen. She reached out and gripped the hand with claws out pulling it closer.

Extracting its hand from the kitten’s grip, the android raised it an looked at the small cuts in the hand’s covering where the claws hand gripped.

It is sharp too.

Q: 2014 A-Z Challenge The photo is Happy Kitten By Tom Godber

Ok So I Take A Day Off

Yesterday was a bit wild. My place of work began our move to our new bigger space. Also my middle daughter had her birthday.

So with no good time to write I took the day off.

This morning to my surprise I suddenly got a pingback from the Speakeasy challenge. I popped over and found that my entry “Planet 513” was chosen as this week’s Editor’s Pick.

I’m beyond thrilled that they liked my take on the prompts so much. There was a tough crowd this week, check out the other entries. Especially the winners of the popular vote, AZ Gringa, Lance, and Jessica. I can’t wait to see what AZ comes up with for next week’s prompt.

O: 2014 A-Z Challenge


Hephaestus, this is Explorer 424

Hephaestus, this is Explorer 424


Explorer 424, Hephaestus. What’s up Jen.

I’m approaching 2150 Nyctimene. Expect hard down in 20.

Roger 424, ping us again just before you land.

Copy. If the composition of the rock is what we expect I should have the initial assay in about 30.

Sounds good. Talk to you then. Hephaestus out.

N: A-Z Challenge This snippet takes place in a story world that I first started playing around with for NaNoWriMo 2011. I’m working on grouping fic-snippets I have posted from that world into a common tag, I’ll update and add a projects page once that is done.

Planet 513: Speakeasy #158

I sat leaning back against an ancient tree while Tom worked to repair the damage the arm of my augment suit had taken in the last skirmish. Almost everyone in our strike team had taken some damage since we were dropped on this rock four days before.

It has been a long war; we take a planet, the Draco take a planet. It had been going on for decades. No end in sight. Continue reading Planet 513: Speakeasy #158


Several times through the year you can look to the sky and know you will see a shooting star. As I write this our world is currently passing through the trail of comet Thatcher and experienceing the Lyrid meteor shower.

Today is the peak of this year’s show, you can expect 10 – 20 meteors per hour; however bursts of up to 100 could happen.

Have you ever taken time to look up and watch a meteor shower? They can be amazing.

M: A-Z Challenge

Folks Can’t Stop Singing “Let It Go”

Back shortly before the Oscars I put up a post about “Frozen” and the hit song “Let it Go”. In “Why The Academy Shouldn’t “Let it Go”” I discussed “Frozen” and the many covers of it that had sprung up.

Since that time there have been many more, my girls have watched the film many, many more times. And in what I believe is an unprecedented situation “Let it Go” has been responsible for several records being set. Thanks to the Oscar win, the composer has joined the elite ranks of holders of the EGOT. Robert Lopez now olds an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award, being the 12th to achieve this honor. He has also set a new record for reaching EGOT status in the shortest time; he won his first award, a Tony, let than 10 years ago.

“Let it Go” has spent a surprising amount of time in the Top 100 (along with its Top 10 Oscar competitor “Happy”). The biggest news is that it’s rise to the Top 10 makes Idina Menzel the first person in history to have both a Top 10 and a Tony Award for acting.

I’ll let you go with a very impressive cover of the song that came to my attention recently. Brian Hull cover the song with very good impressions of Disney and Pixar characters. Check it out.

L: A-Z Challenge


I looked up from where I was dozing against the wall when one of the MPs nudged me with his boot. Following his gaze I spotted the group of armored vehicles coming up the road.

Getting to my feet, I slung my pack over my shoulder and grabbed my current tablet.

The first truck pulled to a stop in front of me and a pair of officials got out. We were quickly joined by a few guards from another truck.

“Morning sir,” I shook hands with the lead official, “ready to go over the recommendations?”

“You completed your survey already?” he seemed surprised.

“Yes sir, unfortunately my team has gotten very good at evaluating damage and long-term effects of an attack.”

Looking around he sighed, “I suppose the neighborhood will be a write-off?”

“Actually no, the damage in this area is mostly superficial and uncontaminated.”

Pointing down the way towards two damaged buildings, “to be honest those two there are the only ones that need be demolished. The rest of the repairs can be done once the cleanup is completed on those two.” Pausing for a second I added, “most of the residents in this area can probably move back in less than a month.”

“Very good, I’ll take your recommendations and pass them along to the cleanup and repair crews.” He took the tablet I handed over. Glancing over the details he looked up, “Excellent. It has been a busy couple of weeks for your team, we are putting you all on a week downtime. Pass the word.”

“Thank you sir.”

We shook hands and I headed off to find the rest of my team. A rest would be well received after all the work we had to put in since the latest attack.

K: A-Z ChallengeThe featured image is from “View behind a former wall” by Raymond Zoller

Just What Happened

Ok, so April got off to a fairly good start overall. While I didn’t exactly keep up with the every day schedule things were sticking close to plan.

However with the beginning of the month came the start of soccer season, a wave of illness through the entire family; and finally the onset of spring (I hope). Unfortunately, Spring brings with it changes in air pressure and seasonal allergens… which combine to leave me fighting to stay functional until I get used to it.

Anyway, I’m back in the saddle. I’m going to try to play catch up with two A-Z posts per day. One thing I have learned is if I’m going to take on a daily posting challenge, just like with NaNoWriMo it is a good idea to have stuff planned out ahead.

J: A-Z ChallengeThe feature image is Keyboard Macro by Matt.