The Two Towers Haiku: The Departure Of Boromir

Orcs the hobbits took,
the dying Boromir tells.
The three race to save.

A new month begins and with it the next in the Lord of the Rings literary haiku project. We have a number of great contributors signed up for this month’s run of The Two Towers. Head on over and join in, we’ve got room for everyone.


The featured image is from a flickr photo by Taco Ekkel.

10 thoughts on “The Two Towers Haiku: The Departure Of Boromir”

  1. Hey, Laith, is there a link to the other Haiku’s so far for March? I’d like to include it at the end of my Haiku so readers can link to the others. Last time it was easy to find … I’m having a harder time today. Hmmm. Probably me being a little brain-dead – the ice storm did hit our area after all. 😉 Now I can legitimately claim: Brain Freeze!

    1. It happens, don’t worry about it. I would rather all the chapters get written and do a summary page at the end to put stuff back in order than be too rigid on the deadlines 🙂

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