Fellowship Of The Ring Haiku: Flight to the Ford

Stone trolls the group pass.
To Rivendell they run.
Riders washed away.

This haiku is part of the Lord Of The Rings group project I am hosting. Thus far we have the following entries. Check them out and let us know of you would like to take an unclaimed chapter, or join us on the next book.

The Fellowship of the Ring

  1. A Long-expected Party – Laith
  2. The Shadow of the Past – rarasaur
  3. Three is Company – The Indecisive Eeejit
  4. A Short Cut to Mushrooms – N. E. White
  5. A Conspiracy Unmasked – Cimmorene
  6. The Old Forest – Dan Dan The Art Man
  7. In the House of Tom Bombadil – Cimmorene
  8. Fog on the Barrow-downs – Dan Dan The Art Man
  9. At the Sign of the Prancing Pony – Rob’s Surf Report
  10. Strider – Cimmorene
  11. A Knife in the Dark – N. E. White
  12. Flight to the Ford – This post.

The featured image for this comes from the image posted on flickr by JoshuaDavisPhotography.


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