A Blogger’s Journey: 2014, One Month In

So January is now behind us and was a month full of interesting posts and activity in the blogosphere.

At the beginning of the month, as part of the Zero to Hero event, I set myself some goals for the year, lets see how I’ve done after on month of refocused blogging.

  1. Post at least one substantial post per week.
  2. Contribute a substantive article to another venue each month (minimum).
  3. Build my stats back up to at least my 2012 levels, if not better.

Ok, two out of three goals met.

I have managed to write more than one “real” post most weeks and plenty of other content through the month. Of the 31 days in January I posted on 15 of them, some times just a simple haiku for Rob’s Genre Haiku Challenge, others the seed that germinated into my Lord of the Rings project. I also penned a few entries in the weekly contest over at The Speakeasy.

Unfortunately I haven’t contributed any significant content to anyplace else. So that goal needs some work.

Now it is too early to tell but since my January stats are nearly a match for January ’13… Yeah, I think I can meet this goal if I keep things moving.

I’ve gotten lots of great feedback on what I wrote last month and I’ve met a number of great new bloggers. So all in all the year is off to a terrific start.

For those of you following along we still have places in this month’s installment of the haiku project. Feel free to join in!

14 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Journey: 2014, One Month In”

    1. To be honest a lot of it seemed to be more aimed at bloggers just starting out, a number of the tasks were things I had already done or was doing.

      but it did have some good pointers

      1. I still decided to take most of the challenges head-on anyways, to see if I could revamp what I have been doing.

        *sigh* I mean, I’ve been blogging for a good long while. I hate mentioning the number “10” out because… 10 years? What do I have to show for it, for blogging that long? Blogging has grown by leaps and bounds compared to when I started, and I figured I needed to start catching up.

    1. I thought you knew about this, Rob… the Hobbit haiku thing from the epic fantasy challenge took on a life of its own! Cimmy’s still contributing, too.

      1. No, I’ve had a really hard time keeping up with everything between work and writing and working on the new house, and I’m just starting to swing again but stuff like this sometimes flies right under my radar!

        1. Fair enough. I just thought I’d remind you that your idea has still been quite inspirational, and it’s nice to see what Laith has been doing with it 🙂

            1. Aye. He really took that idea and ran with it. It’s been great fun for my wife, who is also collaborating with JED as well. Thanks for the connections.

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