Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Haiku, The Journey Ends?

So, nineteen haiku later and The Hobbit is complete. When I started the project last month as my answer to Rob’s Epic Fantasy Genre Haiku Challenge, I didn’t expect it to be so well received. Or to get guest submissions for some of the chapters. Many thanks to Rob for the challenge and to Cimmy for sending over her entries.

I had so much fun doing this, especially getting others involved that I was thinking of continuing on with The Lord of the Rings. My general plan to start with will be to provide the list of chapters and allow folks to claim one as their own. I figure I can either accept the submissions or maybe reblog entries from the individual’s blog. Expect a post on this in the next few days.

Anyway, without further ado I give you Hobbit Haiku in its entirety.

An Unexpected Party

Thirteen hungry dwarves.
In ones and twos come calling.
Unexpected guests.

Roast Mutton

Trolls, the dwarves capture.
How to cook them they argue.
Come day, turned to stone.

A Short Rest

Old map held aloft.
The light of the moon reveals,
long hidden writing.

Over Hill And Under Hill

On goblin doorstep,
the storm driven party find.
But brief shelter there.

Riddles In The Dark

A dark cavern lake.
Simple, shiny band of gold.
Bilbo vanishes.

Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire

Wargs and Goblins chase.
The party climbs trees ablaze.
Eagles come to save.

Queer Lodgings

Goblins behind them,
Hobbit and Dwarves alike, go
into Mirkwood dark.

Flies And Spiders

Bilbo, Sting in hand,
the company he cuts free.
Woodland elves to catch.

Barrels Out Of Bond

Captive the dwarves held,
an escape in barrels found.
Down river they go.

A Warm Welcome

To Lake-town they float.
The returning king welcomed,
by those of the town.

On The Doorstep

The setting suns light.
Shows all the secret keyhole,
to the lost city.

Inside Information

Down the dark tunnel
crept the silent hobbit thief.
Smaug to awaken.

Not At Home

The dragon away,
dwarven city to be searched.
Bags of treasure claimed.

Fire And Water

*Guest Haiku*
Angry Smaug rises
over Lake Town. Bard cries out,
“Fly now, Black Arrow.”

The Gathering Of The Clouds

A share of gold asked.
Thorin with treasure won’t part.
The mountain besieged.

A Thief In The Night

In night’s darkness sneaks.
Brave Hobbit with stone in hand,
tide of war to turn.

The Clouds Burst

*Guest Haiku*
Elves, dwarves and men fight
a battle of five armies.
Where is the hobbit?

The Return Journey

The battle was won
and lost Erebor reclaimed.
Homeward Bilbo goes.

The Last Stage

Then Bilbo returned.
To the nice hole in the ground,
where lived a Hobbit.

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