Guest Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Battle

Elves, dwarves and men fight
a battle of five armies.
Where is the hobbit?

As a special treat we have a guest Hobbit Haiku by Cimmy provided in the comments on “Treasure”, part of the Epic Fantasy Genre Haiku Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Guest Epic Fantasy Haiku: The Hobbit – Battle”

  1. Awesome. This haiku actually implicates for me a theme of disappearance that runs through the novel, almost as if Tolkien is concerned that something of value will disappear as a consequence of war . . .

    1. OMG, Rob. What a nice thing to say! I totally respect Tolkien. After all, he practically created the Fantasy genre all by himself. However, I never thought there might be any kind of theme. I was just counting syllables and this part was next after the part Laith did.

      1. I’ve found that when it comes to finding themes and issues in novels, part of it is looking for the signs and the other part is making it fit. I found ways to explain that Tolkien’s experiences in WWI influenced major aspects of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, even though he denied that until the day he died; and it’s not fakery – it’s a thesis.

        So to expand on that comment: you mention the fight and the hobbit’s disappearance. He disappears several times throughout the novel, in the dark, under the mountain, via the ring, and even in the end when they find him buried under a pile of dead goblins or something; it’s very well possible that Tolkien is showing through the consequence of disappearance that war is disastrous on the precious things in the world. After all, the halflings are a small portion of the peoples of Middle Earth, as are the dwarves, who declined because of warring with the goblins and the elves, who are leaving to their own sort of New Jerusalem. Unlike the elves and dwarves, however, the Hobbits live more in tandem with the environment of Middle Earth, and are less prone to adventure and warlike behavior than the relatively plentiful Men and orcish (goblin) races. The Hobbits could be seen as an unspoiled aspect of nature that are threatened by the forces of darkness and they’re really only protected by one or two people in the whole series whose interests pretty much run the show – Gandalf and Aragorn. So they’re the real heroes, because they recognize the fact that by the time the forces of darkness are overrunning Hobbiton, the rest of the world is guaranteed to fall. In other words, the very real loss that should be prevented is the loss of the rare things found in nature – and from the perspective of a person who saw the absolute destruction of huge swaths of French and German forests thanks to trench warfare, bombs, and bullets, that’s pretty much anything unspoiled by men. You see things like that running all over the place in those books, and Tolkien even gets his revenge by bringing the forces of nature to bear upon the darkness, including the great Eagles and the Ents. It’s a warning to those who would destroy nature that if the Earth retaliates, it’s gonna be a tough day for anyone who gets in her way!

        And that’s stuff off the top of my head; man, I wish I had the time to write that thesis! I used to do that stuff for fun.

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